Vienna Historical Society
Preserving the History of Vienna and Mount Vernon, Maine


             Quimby Robinson Trimming Trees in Front

         Marie Gajarski Contemplates the Dirty Living Room

     Eileen Lord and Barbara Gilman Sort Stuff in Bedroom

              Beverly Smith Wears Toxic Protection Gear
                    While Cleaning Stuff from Kitchen

                   Levi Smith Loads Brush for Dump Run
The following were not around when the camera was there, but they contributed an enormous amount of time working on Waite House:

Jim Gajarski
Performed all repairs and maintenance on garage

Helen Wilkey
Maintained lawn, designed and planted all flower beds

Judy Dunn
Present for all phases of cleaning,  painting and moving

Carole O'Connell
General Flunky and Sidewalk Superintendent

Many thanks to all others who helped out as they could.


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