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Waite House

The Vienna Historical Society had been searching for a new home for a number of years, as we had insufficient facilities for housing our collection of documents and artifacts.  We had been operating with two 12’ x 20’ buildings, which for lack of better description, could be called camp buildings.  These two buildings were situated from the beginning, on land that is not owned by the historical society.  This lack of a proper facility had stunted our ability to achieve our goals and serve our community better. 

In February 2009, we successfully negotiated the purchase of a historic building in the heart of Vienna, which had been standing empty for over ten years.  Most recently, this building was the home of the Waite family.  It was purchased in 1928 by Eugene E. Waite, a prominent dairy farmer, teacher and school superintendent of Vienna.  He and his wife raised their family of three children there, and in 1948 Mr. Waite deeded the property to his daughter, Arline, who had owned it since.  Since the late 1990s, Ms. Waite had been living with relatives, leaving the house empty.  The Waite family decided to sell the property, and is pleased that the Vienna Historical Society now owns it and that its future existence is assured.

Though the house was in a state of disrepair, we are making great progress toward refurbishing it for our intended use.  It is truly a gem as one of the original houses in Vienna Village and we are elated to make it our home.  Our aim is to “renew” the house, which implies returning that which has become faded or disintegrated to an earlier condition.  Our goal is not for the building to look like the day it was built, but rather to reflect the many families who have dwelt there over the years. 


                                                                             Waite House about 1930


                                                                                Waite House Today


                                                                                Signing the Deed

                                        Mildred Hall, Judy Dunn, Valmore Dunn, Helen Wilkey, Jeanette Daly

                                                                 BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS

Exterior   Kitchen   Living Room   Bedroom   Sewing Room   Summer Kitchen   Upstairs Rooms   Workers


                                                                       Milton Bradley



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