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Vietnam War Veterans

Vietnam War Veterans of Vienna

compiled by Eileen Lord

Harold E. Kelley, Jr.

Parents: Harold & Gloria (Wight) Kelley
Birth Place: Vienna, Maine
Birth Date: 27 Sept 1946
Residence: Vienna, Maine
Service:   He entered the U. S. Air Force in October 1966. He trained in Texas, Colorado, and North Carolina as a weapons specialist for the 366 TAC Fighter Sq. He spent 6 months in South. Korea during the Pueblo crisis. He departed the Air Force in October 1970 after serving his last year in Camron Bay, Danang, Vietnam as Sgt.

George Lord II

Parents: George & Lucinda (Dill) Lord
Birth Place: Augusta, Maine
Birth Date: 29 Sept 1940
Residence: Vienna, Maine
Service: He entered the Marine Corps Reserve during high school, serving from Nov 1957 to Nov 1958 first in the 1st 75mm AAA Battery and later in the 103 Rifle Co., both at Augusta Maine with The Marine Corps Reserve. He entered Active Duty at Paris Island, South Carolina on 05 Jul 1958 and left active duty at Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, North Carolina in 1976. He served in the Marines, mostly in aviation, from 1962 to 1976 and retired a Gunnery Sergeant (E-7). In 1980 he was awarded a transfer to the retired status including credit for nineteen and a half years of active duty. He received full retirement on 07 Jul 1987.

Joseph H. Lord

Parents: George & Lucinda (Dill) Lord
Birth Place: Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Birth Date: 05 Jul 1942
Residence: Vienna, Maine
Service: He entered the U. S. Army on 31 March 1964. He trained at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in Artillery. His first duty station was 1 st of the 13 th Artillery, 24 th Division, as the first line of defense on the Eastern Front along the Iron Curtain in Augsburg, Germany. He was there for 30 months. He was reassigned to Fort Hood, Texas in the 4th of the 3rd , 1st Armored Division, and was discharged from there on 30 March 1967 as Sgt. E-5.

Glendon H. Meader

Parents: Linwood & Edith (Bannister) Meader
Birth Place: Vienna, Maine
Birth Date: 19 Jul 1940
Residence: Vienna, Maine
Service: He entered the U.S. Army on 2 August 1957 . He trained at 9 th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado. He was reassigned to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for engineer training in February 1958. He was reassigned to South Korea on March 1959, and reassigned to 2nd Engineer Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division 3rd Army in Fort Benning, Georgia. On November 1960 he was reassigned to Fort Belvore, Virginia. In March 1961, he was reassigned to 18th Engineer Company, Yukon Command at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. On July 1963 he was reassigned to 2nd Infantry Division, 3rd Army, Fort Benning Ga. In 1965, he was reassigned to 1st Army, Fort Dix , New Jersey. In March 1966, he was reassigned to the Army Reserve Program with the 76th Training Division, 1st Army, Hartford, Connecticut . He retired March 1987 from 76th Training Group, Lewiston, Maine, with a total of 30 years of service with the U.S. Army at the rank of Command Sergeant Major E-9.

George A. Stevens

Parents: Fred & Eva (Parker) Stevens
Birth Place: Vienna, Maine
Birth Date: 13 Jan 1931
Residence: Vienna, Maine
Service: He served in the U.S. Army in Germany twice and Korea. He was a cook and a Military Police. He was going to return to Germany for his last years before retirement and then retire to Louisiana. He became sick and died while he was home on furlough, and didn't make it back to Germany. He held the rank of Sgt when he passed away.
Date of Death: 30 Jun 1969
Place of Death: Farmington, Maine
Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Vienna, Maine

This does not include soldiers enlisted elsewhere, but afterward residents of Vienna.  


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