Vienna Historical Society
Preserving the History of Vienna and Mount Vernon, Maine

Vienna's Historic Mineral Spring

     It was common custom in the 19th and early 20th centuries to provide public watering places for travelers and their horses. Sometimes this would be nothing more than a trough alongside the road.  People passing through the Town of Vienna were indeed fortunate to have access to fresh, clear spring water provided by one of the natural mineral springs in the area.  The mineral spring is still supplying water to the residents of Vienna, as well as to summer residents, and passers-by.

     Though privately owned since the early settlement of Vienna, the spring was established for public use in 1886 by way of deed from the owner.  He allowed the building of a pipeline to supply several houses in the village, as well as provided for public use at the roadside.

     Today, the mineral spring is owned and maintained by the Vienna Historical Society, which provides manpower for upkeep, tests the water monthly, and purchases needed equipment and insurance.  Preserving the spring and its history is one of the Society’s objectives.

     Users of the spring should be aware of a few guidelines in proper use.  To clear the tube of any impurities or algae which may have formed, simply hold the tube erect above your shoulders for several seconds, then lower and allow to flush.  Do this about three times and the tube will be clean.  Please do not make any changes or improvements to any part of the spring.  With all good intentions, people sometimes make “improvements” which are not beneficial, and in the long run cause additional work.  As a matter of fact, Federal law prohibits anyone other than the Vienna Historical Society from making any alterations to the spring.  We do appreciate all input and should you have an idea for improving the site, please contact a Historical Society member.  

     The Society of course welcomes donations for upkeep of the spring.  You many direct these to: Vienna Historical Society, Village Spring Donation, P.O. Box 74, Vienna, ME 04360.  Your donation will be used solely for maintenance of the spring.  As you enjoy a sip of cool water, take time to ponder all the ancestors who made it possible, and of all those who have stopped and refreshed themselves over these some 120 years.


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