Vienna Historical Society
Preserving the History of Vienna and Mount Vernon, Maine


When we acquired Waite House, we discovered a trove of vintage puzzles, some made of wood.  We needed to know if they were complete before we could sell them.  We decided to enlist the help of townspeople to work them, and PuzzlePalooza was born.  What started as a one time event has evolved into an annual winter affair to get together and help dispel cabin fever.  


                            Roger and Laura Reville

                         Pam Bean and Beverly Smith

                                                    First Bite

                            Nan, Gay, Ray and Peg

                      Judy Dunn and Mildred Hall



                    Barbara Gilman and Denae Greenlaw

                                Right of Way Wood Puzzle

                        Barbara Gilman and Roshan Luick

                                     Holland Flower Market

                      Minerva Chalaby and Josh Grams

                                     Laura Grams
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