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Nanina Comstock

Nanina Evelyn Comstock was born in Vienna, daughter of Hiram and Ada Marr Comstock.  Her father was a blacksmith and carriage-maker, and Nanina tagged around after her father and helped with the repair and manufacturing chores, much to her mother’s chagrin.  When she was ten years old, her father taught her to do decorative striping on the new wagons.

From the time I was three years  old, I had my own workbench in the shop – and my own tiny tools.  My mother objected, she said it was “unladylike.”  Nevertheless, my knowledge of how to use tools has always come in handy.

This early training proved to be valuable when Nanina later attended art school and became a commercial artist.  She was for many years the Editor-In-Chief of McCall’s Needlework and Crafts magazine.  She died in 1993 in Boston.


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